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We have many options to discuss with you on what you feel is best for you in achieving your weight loss goal.  We have had success with all modalities offered for weight loss: acupuncture, ear seeds, cupping therapy, detox, nutrition.  Let's discuss what plan is right for you!



Cupping Therapy:

Helps promote weight loss and full-body toning by stimulating acupuncture points and running them along the lymphatic lines.  These acupuncture points provide your circulatory system with the energy it needs to metabolize body fat, including the fat in your problem areas and the fat around your internal organs. The suction helps reach the fat located in the deeper level and separate it from the fibers.  It liquifies it and all the waste is flushed through your lymphatic system.  A more efficient circulation can facilitiate the removal of toxins and excess water that are causing or increasing your weight problems. 





Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine, sterile needles at specific body points or “energy pathways.” The inserted needles act to stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural “feel good” hormones. This can create a calming, relaxing effect, which counteracts the need for excessive eating brought about by increased stress, frustration or anxiety. In this respect, acupuncture can calm those so afflicted and help them lose weight without resorting to drugs.



Ear seeds:


According to traditional Chinese medicine, different areas of our ears correspond to different organs and systems within the body.  When you stimulate a point, the smooth and abundant flow of qi or vital life energy returns and can treat ailments in the related organ or area allowing healing to take place. The ear seeds are tiny seeds of the vaccaria plant that are stuck onto key points on the ear using adhesive tape. Ear seeds can be left on for up to five days.


If you're suffering from addiction, cravings or unwanted habits, acupressure using ear seeds might be for you. Pressing on the seeds stimulates the related point and might be able to help you reduce cravings when they arise. It can offer gentle support for your weight loss or smoking cessation efforts and help you fight addictions.



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