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We pride ourselves on our commitment to success at Inner Spring Wellness.  Here’s a few stories and testimonials from satisfied patients that demonstrate our expert Team's dedication to effective treatment and results.

For the past three and a half years, my sessions with Kevin have been absolutely critical to my stability and well-being. The integration of dialogue, bodywork, and connection to spirit in the support I get from Kevin is very unique and unlike anything I could experience elsewhere or effectively put into words. In my work with Kevin, I’ve gotten in touch with many truths, as well as trauma, that was stored in my body. I’m not sure how I would have accessed this in any other way, yet this has been most important to facilitate my deepest healing. This work has allowed me to make changes in my life that have dramatically improved my inner peace and quality of life.


-a female psychotherapist



I first began seeing Sonia in 2014, after seven months of trying to get pregnant.  At the time, I had been diagnosed by my doctor with low estrogen/amenorrhea.  While I was being treated by my OBGYN using fertility medication, it was important to me that I also support my fertility with something more holistic, which is why I sought out acupuncture.  Within several months of the two, I became pregnant.  I continued with acupuncture through the second trimester and nine months later, had a healthy baby boy.  This year, I sought out Sonia's support once again, as I ran into some of the same difficulties while trying to conceive.  Once again, acupuncture complemented my fertility medical treatment, and within several months, I was pregnant for a second time.  Acupuncture has truly helped me both physically, mentally, and emotionally, during some of the most stressful times of my life.  Sonia's approach is calm, positive, and reassuring, and I look forward to my weekly appointments with her as an opportunity to enjoy the quiet, decompress, and feel more centered and in tune with my (growing) body.    



I have been going to Inner Spring Wellness for about five years now.  It has been life-changing.  I started with some acupuncture and herbal remedies for some health issues and was having great success.  But it was when I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis and two rounds of heavy antibiotics weren't doing anything that Sonia really showed me her true metal.  At the first appointment I felt better than I'd felt in weeks - the soothing, calming treatment left me feeling like I was healing finally.  Sonia is so wise and has such a gentle spirit, she guided me through what she was doing and why each and every visit.  It was amazing and now she is my first stop for healing.


Kevin is, in a word:  gifted.  I started doing some work with him when some emotional struggles started impacting my physical health.  He is gentle, patient and intuitively aware of where the core problems are in the body.  This allows him to really zoom in and focus on those areas for a true release like none I've ever experienced before.  I'm amazed at the breadth of his training and what that can mean for addressing his clients needs.  (I checked it out on their web site!)  It's not like going into a spa during vacation, Kevin goes "deeper", its a more significant massage experience.  The really astounding time I had with Kevin was when I was having some serious sciatica issues.  One massage three years ago and nothing since.  The thing I appreciate about Kevin is that he talks you through life experience and how we carry things in our bodies so that you can work "with him" to release those things that may be causing recurrent issues.   I could go on and on about these two and the amazing effect they've had on my life.  Great people, wonderful healers.


- Brandy M.



I have seen both Sonia and Kevin for treatment of various physical problems related to multiple sclerosis as well as physical injury related to disability.  Kevin is a masterful, intuitive massage therapist who has not only been able to relieve pain, but loosen up some severely spastic areas.  Sonia is a sensitive and knowledgeable acupuncturist who has regularly used her skills to give me significant relief in ways western medicine cannot.  I am very satisfied with this practice and use them regularly.  The have an excellent facility and are very nice people.  I highly recommend them.


- Michael S.



Five years ago, after being diagnosed with a chronic condition and the allopathic medical community telling me I would never be cured, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine healed my body so that I could live my life pain-free and symptomless. Then, three months ago, I had to undergo a surgical procedure to remove a cancerous tumor found on my thyroid gland. I realized these medical issues were a manifestation of what was going on inside of my body.

I have been seeking answers to questions that have been lingering since childhood. For the past 30 years, I have tried different modalities, from psychotherapy to Shiatsu, and visited various acupuncture practitioners in my quest for peace and balance. Now I am confident I have found the missing piece in my life puzzle. Sonia introduced me to Kevin who she suggested could help me through this challenging period.

Kevin, through his emergent healing therapy, has been helping me peel through layers of physical and emotional pain in a safe environment. In my experience with other practitioners that I have worked with, I would leave their office wondering, “What just happened?” without sufficient answers. Through Kevin, I am discovering what, why, and who I am. It is not an easy process or a quick fix. However, I believe with the trust and open communication with Kevin, as well as his massage techniques and listening skills, I will find the peace and balance that have eluded me.

I highly recommend Kevin and Sonia if you want to take your healing to another level that I cannot articulate in words. It is better to experience it, as words cannot give justice to their remarkable gifts.

- Monica  



I am 35 and my husband and I had been trying to conceive for 6 months, but also had not been using any contraception for over one year.  I was experiencing breakthrough bleeding between periods, and felt that it was not possible to conceive with all of the spotting that was occurring.  After all of the basic lab work and then a femvue HSG, my OB found a uterine polyp which was taking up most of the room in my uterus making implantation difficult and also dangerous.  At the time of this diagnosis I began acupuncture treatments with Sonia.  I felt that the treatments complimented my OB's recommendations of surgery to remove the polyp.  I believe that acupuncture and herbs helped me to relax and heal during that time. Approximately 3 cycles after the surgery, and 10 treatments later, we were able to finally conceive.  I also think my weekly treatments were great support mentally as well as physically. We are thrilled and are expecting a baby this December!  

- Kristie H.



My experience with acupuncture has been life changing. As a woman who started her period at the age of 9, I struggled with severe cramps as a child and adult. From constant abdominal pain to clotting and days where I could not get out of bed, I dreaded having a period. I even had friends who stated my pain sounded similar to contractions during labor! My mother did not want me on birth control at a young age, which is understandable, so I relied on aspirin and acetaminophen products to relieve the pain. These medications still did not help with the pain I developed. As an adult, I went ahead and got on birth control to relieve the constant pain I had. Using the pills for 7 years, my cramps were a little better and regulated; however, recently my menstrual pain returned in full effect and I had enough. Additionally, I did not like the idea of my hormones being controlled by a pill, so I sought an alternative option. 


I had family members who recommended that I try acupuncture, which was a more holistic way of healing. In May of 2014, I heard about Inner Spring Wellness through a Groupon deal and figured, why not.  After meeting Sonia, who was very helpful and asked multiple questions about my heath and menstrual cycle history, we started with the acupuncture sessions. I was committed to getting healed and was very strict with taking all of the herbs given to me.  Literally after a month of treatment, I noticed significant changes in my cycle. I had less pain, and I did not have to rely on as much medication. It’s been 4 months and I am not on birth control anymore and am less fearful of having a period. I am continuing to see Sonia to continue treatments and remove a lot of the toxins I still have from medications over the years. I am truly grateful for this experience and the amazing work Sonia has done to help me! 

- Yolanda Richards-Albert



After struggling to conceive for over 2 years and one failed IUI attempt, IVF was our final hope. I am convinced that being treated by Sonia is why I am pregnant today! While the typical acupuncture ramp-up for fertility treatments is 3 months, I got a late start and only began acupuncture the week before I started the IVF shots. Sonia's wisdom and kindness instilled a confidence that calmed and relaxed me during an extraordinarily stressful time, and I responded to the shots very well. My experience with the side effects of the shots were minimal compared to the horror stories I'd heard, which I also attribute to Sonia. Sonia was incredibly accommodating to make sure I had sessions immediately before and after both the embryo retrieval and transfer, and now that I am 8 weeks along, the acupuncture helps tremendously with the nausea and fatigue. I intend to continue the acupuncture for the duration of my pregnancy and beyond. We are incredibly grateful to Sonia and Kevin and are just ecstatic that we found Inner Spring Wellness in time to help us successfully get pregnant.


- Cally


After over a year of trying to get pregnant, my midwife recommended that I see Sonia for acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help my body get on track. In addition to the acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Sonia also recommended some dietary changes and fertility for yoga and meditation. I’ve had irregular cycles since the onset of menstruation and have went without having a period for up to 8 months. At the time I started seeing Sonia my periods were inconsistent and no less than 50 days apart. After seeing Sonia my cycles gradually reduced and eventually became consistently 35 days apart. I also began noticing that I was ovulating, which was something that I was not certain was happening before I went to InnerSpring Wellness. I drove an hour each week to see Sonia and I’m so glad that I did because after 9 months of her treatments and lots of prayers, I became pregnant. I’m now 5 months into my pregnancy!  Sonia has a very calming and relaxing approach, which has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend her!




As someone terrified of needles, I had no idea what to expect the first time I tried acupuncture.  Going to Inner Spring Wellness for the first time really eased all of my worries about it, and since that first visit I've seen so many of the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy.  After the first treatment I instantly felt more relaxed, confident, and spiritually and emotionally sound.  Suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis due to mild anxiety, I noticed a huge difference after a few treatments and after the first week of herb usage.  Sonia is respectful, caring, and a genuinely good person, and the atmosphere of Inner Spring Wellness is inviting, calming, and safe.  I urge anyone of any age considering alternative medicine to try acupuncture, especially with Sonia.  


- AJ


Sonia and Kevin make a remarkable team. Their disciplines of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and targeted massage therapy overlap in a unique way that can help address a wide variety of health issues. The combination of acupuncture and healing-massage have been so helpful with long-standing neck pain and migraines. I have always felt safe and well-cared for by this team. As another reviewer mentioned, it does take commitment. Chronic health issues rarely have an over-night cure, but the payoff for sticking with this type of alternative health care can be life-changing.

- LKBonasera 


I was having trouble conceiving while undergoing IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) and was introduced to Sonia Rivera while she was still located downtown with a fertility center. Unfortunately, my condition made IUI completely ineffective. When I started my first round of IVF, I did so without doing acupuncture. I had a poor response to the treatment and it was unsuccessful. I just knew in my heart I had to start seeing Sonia again! I found that she had her own business in Oak Park now and I was more than willing to drive out to see her from downtown Chicago because I felt such a strong connection with her. Sonia is so amazing! I find her very calming, healing, and nurturing. I’m also happy to say that after undergoing IVF with acupuncture, I had a very good response to my second cycle and am now pregnant with my first child! I am convinced this is because I was dedicated to getting acupuncture through my whole cycle! So far during my first trimester I have not experienced any negative pregnancy symptoms.


- Shannon 



I was fitted by my dentist with a mouth guard for teeth grinding and jaw pain.  However, it did not help the headaches and neck pain that I was getting at night.  A friend has suggested I try acupuncture.  After doing some research online I came across Inner Spring Wellness.  I called for information and felt Sonia to be very knowledgeable and caring.  I made an appointment for the following week.  During my first session I felt instant relief in my jaw.  After a few treatments I stopped waking up with headaches and neck pain.  I have not woken up with a headache in months.  I would certainly recommend Inner Spring Wellness!


-  RAS



I have complete faith and confidence in Sonia & Kevin’s abilities to heal and listen. I have suffered from several life long battles, such as allergies, sinus problems, digestive issues and depression, just to name a few. Sonia uses acupuncture and herbs to treat me weekly and is completely genuine, sympathetic and caring during her treatments. I feel like I am a new and improved person after seeing her. And Kevin’s unique approach to massage therapy has made a significant and powerful difference in my life. He has helped me understand so much more of myself than I ever could have on my own. I recommend both of them 100% with all my heart. If you need guidance, answers or just want to feel better, please call Inner Spring Wellness, it is worth it, believe me.

- Annie


I was a fertility patient for 7 years and over a year ago sought acupuncture as a last resort to addressing this problem. It was theorized that my fertility problems were caused by a thyroid disorder. I also suffered from asthma and allergies. Although my thyroid levels were considered normal, I still experienced significant temperature fluctuations, anxiety, and irregular cycles. I went in for fertility and after two weeks unexpectedly my temperature fluctuations completely ceased. After three months, my allergy symptoms significantly reduced to where I could begin reducing the allergy medications, and my anxiety was gone. I also no longer needed to use my asthma medication. Best of all, I became pregnant naturally. I am now five months pregnant.


The costs for acupuncture are significant but are tax deductable under health services not covered by insurance (itemize). Also, if available to you, one may utilize a Flex Spending Account through your insurance and pay for the treatment with pre-tax dollars. 


Acupuncture definitely required a commitment to a lifestyle change…for example, I gave up dairy (if you knew me – ice cream was a daily ritual). 


I visited five different acupuncturists before picking Sonia and have been very pleased with her professionalism and commitment to me. I would highly recommend acupuncture and especially recommend Inner Spring Wellness. What started out as a “let’s do this for three months and see” turned into something I have incorporated into my life and will not do without.





Since I was in my mid-twenties, I have endured chronic illness such as mitral valve disease, hypertension, low thyroid function, being overweight, and just generally tired. Due to these health issues I had been on a journey of seeking treatments from acupuncture to the best care western medicine has to offer.

After numerous medical tests, consultations, diets, exercise programs and medical bills, I was still feeling that there was a road to better health. One day, while seeking yet another health practitioner, I came across an internet site for Inner Spring Wellness. I happened to be off that day and asked if it was possible to make an appointment. Sonia and Kevin agreed to see me that very day. As I filled out a health profile, I was surprised that I was asked about my emotional health as well as my physical state. Little did I realize that this appointment would change so many things in my life. 


What started out as a tiny whisper, my constant sadness, became the key to what my body and spirit had been seeking all along. I started out the appointment with Kevin who was able to hear that tiny voice inside that was so distressed. The tremendous work of understanding my past, my present and my future began that day. 


One year later, I have made some significant changes to my life with the help of Kevin. At times this work has demanded open and honest communication and facing issues that affect my well-being. As I am willing to continue on the journey to addressing body, mind and spirit, Kevin has been a constant guide and support. The journey is an exciting one that has changed my attitude and has brought me to a place of greater understanding about life and the nature of things. I now know that the key to better health is to understand the events that have created my condition and to work with my spirit to change the patterns in order to nurture a healthier, happier life. I am grateful for that day when I came across Inner Spring Wellness. A year ago I could never have imagined the depth of healing and support I have experienced.

- K.M.


I find Kevin and Sonia to be genuine caring people. I had initially seen Sonia to help with some fatigue I had been experiencing. After only a few appointments, I began to see a positive change in my energy level. Along with my increased energy level, I also noticed that my acupuncture treatment also helped alleviate and manage my allergy and asthma symptoms. To my great surprise, two months into treatment, I am off all asthma inhalers and allergy medication.

Sonia had mentioned Kevin's massage therapy would also be a good complement to my treatment plan. I decided to take Sonia's advice as I saw this as a possibility and had hope that this may help me to understand some of my deeper inner struggles, which I never have seem to fully grasp. Having done a few spiritual retreats and incorporating meditation into my life for a while now, I now have a new sense of calmness and peace; however, I've never felt a full sense of closure and was to the point of accepting the idea that it's something I may never fully understand. Working with Kevin has been by far the closest I've come in gaining an understanding of myself.

- Veronica A.


So for my birthday, someone gave me a couple of sessions with Inner Spring Wellness. WOW! Sonia and Kevin are FANTASIC. Truly gifted healers – amazing, sensitive, caring.  Acupuncture, bodywork, nutrition, Chinese Medicine, Spirit and so much more – even walking through the door feels good. No kidding. I would recommend them for anyone and I can’t wait for my next birthday (I don’t say that every year).

- MB


Sonia and Kevin have changed my life. I had continual pain from injuries to my knee, my hip and neck. I tried conventional Western Medicine with little or no result. Sonia’s acupuncture coupled with Kevin’s massage therapy have slowly but surely unraveled the damage to my body. Kevin’s therapy is different from conventional massage therapy; but the results are solid. Treatment was not a quick process; but one which gradually unfolded to the point where I am restored to a pain free, unlimited life.

- Kathy G.


I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for the acupuncture treatments which I received during my IVF cycle. I truly believe that it definitely contributed to my successful pregnancy.

I am 44 years old and had gone through 3 unsuccessful IVF attempts, had high FSH levels and was extremely discouraged and searching for a way to increase my odds of success. I did much internet exploring, but was still unsure. Then I spoke with a neighbor who had used acupuncture for her 2 IVF successes, she recommended Sonia Rivera. I was to begin my cycle soon, so I immediately made an appointment with Sonia. I saw her twice a week until transfer. On the day of transfer, Sonia met me at my Drs. office in Naperville to perform acupuncture both before and after my embryo transfer.

Well, my pregnancy was confirmed 12 days later and I am so excited to finally have found success. I am continuing treatments twice a week through my first trimester. I feel great and am confident that my success can be at least partially attributed to the warm, knowledgeable and compassionate treatments that I received throughout my experience.
Thank you so much!

- Chris


I was 32 when I wanted to get pregnant with my first child. My husband and I had tried for a few months without success. I was feeling very out of tune with my body and stressed. I started weekly acupuncture treatments with Sonia at the start of a monthly cycle. She also recommended some herbs and dietary changes. The treatments themselves brought an immediate increase in my level of relaxation. All of these elements combined worked in many positive ways--my energy increased and I felt much more in sync with my body. I was pregnant within the first month and gave birth to a healthy baby nine months later! When I wanted to have a second child about a year later, I was run-down and under a tremendous amount of stress. Once again, I was pregnant within the first month! I have benefited greatly from keeping up the acupuncture throughout my pregnancy. It has helped me sleep better and helped to control many hormonally-fueled anxieties which I experienced with my first pregnancy. Sonia also helped to treat some body aches and pains that were exacerbated by pregnancy such as tension headaches and lower back pain. I honestly believe that the course of treatment prepared my body for a healthy pregnancy and helped me to get pregnant. The approach is compassionate and accessible even to someone who has never had acupuncture before. I don't know what I would have done without her!

- M.S.


At the age of 33, I lost my first pregnancy when no heartbeat was found
at my first ultrasound. I had a D&C 10 days later at 9 weeks. I was
heartbroken but hopeful that I would get pregnant again soon. The months wore
on and with each month that passed, I lost more of my patience and felt like
time was slipping away. As one year of trying came into sight, I wanted to do
something more. A good friend of mine had been having years of trouble getting
pregnant, suffering miscarriages, and going through fertility treatments but was
recently successful, vowing that acupuncture definitely helped. So I asked my
OB-GYN her thoughts on the benefits of acupuncture for fertility. She
recommended Sonia Rivera. Two months later I also underwent fertility
testing. All the while, I continued seeing Sonia once a week for acupuncture
and taking chinese herbs everyday, as well as modifying my diet and exercise
routine. Days after getting my fertility testing results which recommended more
testing, my husband and I went on a week-long vacation where we conceived our
second pregnancy. Today, nearly 15 months after my first pregnancy loss, I am a
few months shy of my 35th birthday, 8 weeks pregnant, and have seen a strong
heartbeat at our first ultrasound. There is no way to know what helped us most
to conceive again and we can only hope for the best in our journey ahead, but
Sonia has been a great support along this path to motherhood, and I don't doubt
the help of the acupuncture and herbs along the way.

- A.R.



I came to see Sonia Rivera quite by accident. My husband and I had been trying (unsuccessfully) to conceive for six months. I went to see my gynecologist and relayed to him our problems conceiving. He asked me to wait for a few months. I left his office feeling depressed and frustrated because I felt I didn’t have a few months to wait (I was 43 years old at the time). I had seen information about Inner Spring Wellness and was intrigued. I called and set up an appointment for an acupuncture treatment the following Saturday. Acupuncture was something I had never experienced; but I felt I had nothing to lose by trying.

Sonia met me the day of my appointment and took an extensive personal history and administered the acupuncture treatment. I felt very relaxed after the treatment. Before leaving, Sonia asked me to consider changing my diet. She felt that a change in diet (combined with regular acupuncture treatments) would jumpstart my sluggish metabolism. I was simultaneously frightened and excited. Though I knew the importance of good nutrition (especially when one is trying to conceive or is pregnant), I didn’t consistently practice good nutrition. I had been trying to give up caffeine, but couldn’t. I ate too many refined sugars. I often had low energy. Sonia gave me some supplements and literature, then sent me to Whole Foods.


It took a week and a half to start feeling the benefits of my change in diet. I was resistant, though stayed the course. I continued to receive regular acupuncture treatments. I was starting to feel good! I was sleeping better and had more energy. My outlook was positive. During this time, I also went to see a reproductive endocrinologist to better understand our problems with conception. I had an initial appointment and was told to call them on the first day of my next period. Meanwhile, my husband scheduled testing for himself. 


I never got my period. A week later, I called the endocrinologist’s office and they administered a pregnancy test. It was positive! So far, all is going well. I’ve also continued to receive regular acupuncture treatments. Sonia has supported me as well, helping me to find foods that are healthy and tolerable during the first months of pregnancy. Overall, I feel well---better than with my first pregnancy. I attribute this to the acupuncture and better nutrition. 


I attribute my pregnancy to the change in diet, the acupuncture treatments, and to the support I received from Sonia at Inner Spring Wellness. I recommend that couples having problems conceiving give them a call.


- Gwen


I started working with Kevin when I was pregnant with my second child. I was experiencing some painful and debilitating back problems that at one point left me almost unable to walk. I came into our first session hunched over and in serious pain. I walked out of the session upright and feeling like I had just experienced something nothing short of miraculous. I worked with him regularly throughout the pregnancy and believe it was a large part of the reason why I ended up having such a quick and successful delivery. The physical work with Kevin, which can be extremely intense, also provided a much-needed emotional outlet that I was not expecting. I learned a tremendous amount and was motivated to begin a much larger process of personal growth and exploration. I have experienced a lot of different types of body work over the years, but my work with Kevin stands as the most beneficial--physically, emotionally and spiritually.

- Megan


I have to admit, I was a skeptic but decided to be open minded enough that I would try this thing called acupuncture as a last resort to get some relief from my stress – physically and mentally. Sonia certainly made a difference! I had no idea how much better I could feel! Now even my friends say I am different when I miss a week! The best part is that Sonia is accepting and understanding to my personality quirks and to my personal life and we work together to improve my health. I had researched acupuncture providers when I decided to try this and Sonia’s name had risen to the top. Testimony to her work, I drive in from the West Suburbs to get my treatments. If you are the least bit skeptic or just wanting to see how different you can feel, through alternative medicine, I recommend Inner Spring Wellness. You are in great hands!

- J.K.


Its pretty simple: There are two things I want when going to a therapist. To feel I put my health in the hands of people who care and I want results. Sonia and Kevin will exceed your expectations. I am looking forward to my weekly appointment, I highly recommend Inner Spring Wellness, they will guide you to reconnect with your body and the awareness you need to heal. I am always encouraging my friends to go to them when they need help.

- Jean


Sonia combines her knowledge and experience with an empathic approach that helps you heal. I had tried other acupuncturists and stayed with Sonia for over a year, as she helped me on the journey from 4 years of unexplained fertility to a healthy pregnancy. I doubt that I would have been able to stay with the program had it not been for Sonia’s calm reassurance and confidence. I have no doubt that the combination of acupuncture, herbs, and support from Sonia resulted in the gift I’m carrying now.

- R.S.


I want to thank you Sonia for helping me get through a very difficult period during the last three months. However, I celebrated yesterday when I learned that all of the components in my blood improved. Some even went back into their normal ranges. Within the last month I gained five of the ten pounds that I lost in the last three months. The treatments completely relax me and in turn actually give me considerably more energy and better sleep. I am able to do my exercised without having to rest several times in between. Considering I have had only nine sessions with you, I am amazed at the progress you and my body have achieved. Thanks again for all of your help and I look forward to getting all of my blood components back into their normal ranges…so let’s keep up the good work together.

- Kathy P.


I’ve had other people work on me, but Sonia at Inner Spring Wellness is simply the best! The environment literally MAKES you relax. I’m an inquisitive person and she is always giving me answers to my questions. She explains why she’s doing certain things and tips to take back home with you. She also finishes with a little aromatherapy! She’s the best!

- Yvonne Y.


In late May, I found myself desperate for alternative help after having almost no relief from Western Medicine's pharmaceutical band-aids. I had broken out -- literally --- out-of-the-blue with hives. Itchy - no seen cause - no seen cure on the horizon - hives around mid-March. Topical creams, anti-histamines provided almost no relief. In desperation, I called Inner Spring Wellness and after only a few sessions of acupuncture and herbal remedies and an elimination diet, I experienced almost immediate relief. Acupuncture feels like nothing else I've ever experienced. After maybe a month and a half of weekly sessions, I had a breakthrough session where I felt like I was floating and I know somehow my body was indeed healing itself. Sonia is amazing and I am so grateful for this gift of peace.

- C.H.

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