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For the past three and a half years, my sessions with Kevin have been absolutely critical to my stability and well-being. The integration of dialogue, bodywork, and connection to spirit in the support I get from Kevin is very unique and unlike anything I could experience elsewhere or effectively put into words. In my work with Kevin, I’ve gotten in touch with many truths, as well as trauma, that was stored in my body. I’m not sure how I would have accessed this in any other way, yet this has been most important to facilitate my deepest healing. This work has allowed me to make changes in my life that have dramatically improved my inner peace and quality of life.


- a female psychotherapist




Welcome to Emergent Healing – Your Own Individual Path to Self-Discovery, and the Uncovering of Your Deep Personal Truths Towards a Potential Life of Greater Peace, Harmony & Contentment.  Interested?  


What is Emergent Healing?  Emergent Healing is a path of exploration for individuals who choose to become conscious of the deeper truths that lie embedded in the native intelligence of their bodies. Emergent Healing will help you gain access to those deeper truths, as well as help you integrate and make sense of the messages you receive from your conscious and subconscious worlds.


We all make choices in our lives, and tell ourselves stories about who we are, where we came from, and who we want to be. But, do we make these choices, or tell these stories, out of the truths of what is most appropriate for our spirits? Or, do we mostly make choices secondary to ways in which we’ve learned to adapt to the world through our beliefs, experiences, and emotions, and somehow think that these choices are safe, and in the highest good, for our hearts?

If you are struggling in your life; if things are progressing in your world at a snail’s pace; and, if you feel like you keep banging your head against the wall, trying the conventional methods to get better, get happy, and create a better life for yourself, and you are still unsuccessful, Emergent Healing may be a path for you.


Emergent Healing is where you can attempt to stop the cycle of doing the same things over and over again, thinking you will experience a different result, and ultimately realizing in the end that nothing has changed in your life for the better.


Emergent Healing is truly a path for those who have tried psychiatry, pharmaceuticals, psychology, therapy, counseling, behavioral therapy, and even dietary changes, nutritional supplements, detox programs, 12 step programs, homeopathy, yoga, massage, and Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, and still feel something is missing in their lives. It is also a path for those who want to forego all of these modalities, and start working from the heart right away.


Emergent Healing may be able to open your minds to the possibility of what you can do for yourself to become empowered, while at the same time help you discover your greatest knowledge and intelligence. You see, the greatest intelligence of what is best for you is in you, but access to this information can often be difficult, and you may be struggling to find your way to it.

The holistic model uses the terms body, mind, and spirit, to express the levels at which work can be done to identify what factors are contributing to why a person is hurting, and on which levels work can be done to help a person heal. Emergent Healing is heart-centered work, and works predominantly on the spirit level, through the emotions that reside in the heart. There have been many scientific articles and papers explaining how much of our knowledge about who we are resides in the heart, and not necessarily, in the brain. The heart holds this memory, and sends that information to all the cells in the body for most adults, between 60 and 80 times a day, bathing them with the memories of what the heart has experienced, believed, and felt all its life. What you will experience at Emergent Healing is a holding of that tender heart of yours, as layer upon layer of memory is slowly uncovered to reveal more and more of your truth. Through this path, you may be able to find the peace and contentment for which you have been searching.


Just about every one of us holds on to one or more traumas, whether they are derived from psychological, emotional, physical, or even familial experiences. No one is without carrying fears, or even some degree of post-traumatic stress, in one way or another. Emergent Healing can assist you in dealing with the post-traumatic stress, and move you away from living your days in a constant state of a fight-or-flight response to the world, and into a more integrated perspective of your life.


What is that integrated perspective? As humans, we have evolved to thrive, not just survive. We have evolved away from the expression of a dominant reptilian brain, that relies on fight-or-flight, instinctual and reactive ways of being in the world, into a species that mostly utilizes a dominant pre-frontal cortex, where thinking, reasoning, listening, and observation rule the ways of being in the world. Through Emergent Healing, you can begin to choose a life of fewer fight-or-flight responses, and fewer explosions, hysterias, panicked responses, and impulsive reactions to the world. Through Emergent Healing, you can, instead, learn how to forego a triggered fight-or-flight response, and take a step back to listen to the information coming from your body on a totally different level than what you are hearing and believing to be true from the messages in your brain.


Through Emergent Healing, you can choose to live a life filled with pre-frontal cortex dominance, with contemplation, consideration, love, and heart connection. As such, you will be more likely to step into the life you are meant to live as a human being, instead of the life you believe you had to live in order to survive. The knowledge of what is true for you is not in your brain, which is why talk therapy may not work for you. Instead, this knowledge resides in the body, below the neck, bathed by the cells of your body, via the heart. Access this level of knowledge through Emergent Healing work, and you may learn how to quiet the drama of your own fight-or-flight reaction, and potentially bring a multitude of opportunities, and more optimal functioning in the world than you might have imagined.


The work of Emergent Healing brings you through a process that is dynamic, and not necessarily linear. This process will take you along a pathway that moves you through never-ending steps forward, and then cycling back through old concepts and feelings. In this work, you will uncover material, and work on what it uncovers, and then cycle back to repeat the errors, while moving forward to uncover yet, more and more layers, as a means towards making the necessary advances in your life. You will always continue to learn something, as you uncover the story of your true self. This work is not for the faint of heart. This work is, instead, for people who are really willing, and ready, to step their toe into the water.   

Emergent Healing is a pathway that will help you begin understanding what fears you have, and what obstacles are in your way to getting past them. In so doing, this work will encourage you to get out of your brain intelligence, and into your body intelligence, because it is from the cells of your body where you are being shown the information of your highest intelligence, where the subconscious information sits, waiting for you to make claim to it. 


What will be revealed to you in the process of Emergent Healing are the messages of your true self. The information that is given to you in this process is simply a reading of the information that you are sending out from your heart, but have yet to have the opportunity to connect to. What you will be shown is simply a reflection of your own truths, the truths that are specific to your journey to your highest good in this lifetime. You will experience what it’s like to have the messages from your subconscious intelligence tapped into and brought to light so you can go out into your life and integrate the work into your daily relationships to the world. Emergent Healing is about integration; it’s about taking what lies in your subconscious body knowledge, and giving you the tools to integrate it into your conscious body knowledge.

We all walk around with different levels of consciousness about our lives, and aren't necessarily in touch with the degree to which issues linger in our subconscious worlds. Symptoms of illness, and symptoms of behaviors and ways in which people interact and develop relationships, are often based on information that comes to us from the conscious and subconscious worlds. We hear about how people develop illness because of inappropriate dietary habits, or exposure to environmental toxins, but there is a degree of spirit level machinations and spirit level issues, in the subconscious level, that underlie and reveal the deeper source of the disharmony in people’s lives. Often, people are unaware of this deeper information, and even after changing their diets and environmental exposures, and going through multiple detoxification protocols to help them remove the excess wastes and toxins from their bodies, they still cannot achieve what they want. Often, optimal relationships are still hard to create and maintain, the depression and heartache are still present, the excess weight does not come off, their skin is still itchy and inflamed, and optimal sleep patterns are elusive.


In Emergent Healing, you can begin to uncover the imbalances that live in the underbelly of your subconscious world, the imbalances in your spirit body that reside in the cells below the neck, which hold the memories of the old wounds, and the old traumas that, unbeknownst to you, continue to feed your conscious brain with information about how you are supposed to be in the world. The choices we make based on this information are what contribute to the disharmony in our lives. In this process of Emergent Healing, you can begin to recognize and know how to manage this deeper information so it doesn’t rule your life, and doesn’t continue to contribute to the disharmonies you are experiencing in your body, mind, and spirit health.


In Emergent Healing, you will be shown as much information from your spirit body as your will and conscious minds are ready to allow issues to be brought to light. In this path, your work will truly be in accordance with issues that reside on the spirit level, and less on what resides on the physical level, or even on the emotional or psychological levels. And if you believe in a holistic approach to life, and you believe in body, mind, & spirit, working on the spirit level in this way may provide you with the opportunity to connect to your greatest joy, happiness and contentment.


Emergent Healing helps you uncover the obstacles, the things that are in your way of which you may not even be aware. In this process, you will see that, at times, you may need to pull a door when you’ve been pushing a door over and over again, without much success. This work will help you stop perpetuating the definition of the insanity of your life, where you keep doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting that you will get a different result. In Emergent Healing, your highest truth will be tapped into. And, along the way, if you do the work long enough, and well enough, you’ll be the one tapping into your highest truth for yourself.



Kevin Troiano is a medical intuitive.  Kevin has a special gift.  As a medical intuitive and spiritual teacher, he is guided by the non-verbal messages that emanate from our hearts and from the cells of our own bodies, beyond what we think our minds may know better about ourselves.  By granting permission to him in sessions, Kevin can palpate the cranial rhythms in our systems, and can tap into the individual truths that speak to the highest good of each of our spirit journeys.  Through his work, and through the guidance he receives from the universe, he is able to bring this information to our conscious minds, to the extent that our will will allow.  Through his spiritual counseling and bodywork Kevin can help us understand, and begin to work on, removing the obstacles that stand in our way of living a more conscious, connected and heart-centered life less encumbered by our past traumas.  


Kevin was born and raised in Illinois. He graduated from Roosevelt University in 1998, and then won the DaviesJackson scholarship to study music at St John's College in the University of Cambridge, England.  After 7 years in college studying, composing, playing, and conducting music, he left the music field and began massage training in 2000.


Kevin was certified in massage in 2001 and Structural Integration (KMI) 2002 in Boston.  He became certified in Kinesis Myofascial Integration after studying with Rolfer Tom Meyers, author of Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians.  Additionally, he has studied connective tissue massage with Jon Latz at the Institute for Structural Integration in Florida.


Kevin lives with his wife and son in the Chicago, Illinois area.



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