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"The best massage I've ever had!" - L.R.  


"Kevin is, in a word:  gifted.  I started doing some work with him when some emotional struggles started impacting my physical health.  He is gentle, patient and intuitively aware of where the core problems are in the body"...he talks you through life experience and how we carry things in our bodies so that you can work 'with him' to release those things that may be causing recurrent issues..."- Brandy M.


"...Kevin is a masterful, intuitive massage therapist who has not only been able to relieve pain, but loosen up some severely spastic areas..." - Michael S.



Every idea we have about the body is just that: an idea.  Every plan and strategy that we can come up with, however good, often doesn’t even begin to approximate our body’s plan for its own healing. 

Emergent Bodywork basically gives the plan of the session back to the body on the table.  It’s asks the body, “What would you do if you had a couple hands and some elbows at your disposal?”   What Emergent Bodywork practitioner Kevin Troiano noticed nearly 10 years ago was that the body can actually respond to such questions, that it does in fact, have a plan that is ready to be enacted. 

Using his extraordinary implicit sensitivity, Kevin can hear the instructions coming from deep within our nervous system’s innate intelligence.  Emergent Bodywork sessions are a response to and interaction with this intelligence.  The effect for clients is an experience that feels continuously relevant and remarkably precise essentially because each contact is a direct response to a request that the body itself has implicitly made.  Clients experience deep and lasting relief and cumulative benefits. 

For those with specific issues or chronic problems, Emergent Bodywork can quickly and efficiently address matters.  There is very little bandying about.  Since the body only seeks out what is best and most necessary for its health, Emergent Bodywork is wonderful for addressing complex issues in the body.    

Using massage as well as advanced myofascial and structural integration techniques, Kevin mixes and matches based on client's need to get to the root of the problem.  Every session is unique and totally personalized.  


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